Sunday, November 22, 2009

You're Mine~ At Last!!!

hehe,, well i have my Corby! haha~!~,,
but quite disappointed though~*sigh*

i didn't get the color i wanted,,=(

apparently it's not available in phils...

but i hope SOON.. it will~ (T_T)

the way we got hold of Corby.. is quite funny though~

here's the timeline:

Nov 18th.. [we saw Corby @ gateway mall]

Nov 19th.. [i bought Corby ady,,,hehe]

Nov 20th.. [my friend bought hers]

Nov 21st.. [my friend made me go to school to meet her Corby]

Nov 22nd..[i bought my memory card]

Nov 23rd.. [we are planning on buying a case and kitchain for it]
well well well... aren't we that excited?! lol~

uhmmm,, i got the one in yellow~

it's quite fine for me..

coz the one who used it on the korean series i'm watching is...
lee hongki!!!!!!!!![a.k.a Jeremy],, crusheeeeee~!~,,