Sunday, November 15, 2009

Current Addiction

yay yay!!,,
after months of being inactive..
well i've finally had tym to update my blog~

i actually have some inspiration,,lol~
well,, it's definitely not person.. but who cares!!!!..=)
i'm currently addicted to this korean series,,
the actors made my heart melt.. big time!!!
my all tym crush lee hongki and kang geun suk..both on the same drama!!,,
what i can ask for??,, i'm actually drooling ryt now..w0ooot~!~,,

the leading lady must have been super lucky to be chosen to play that role...
whAaaaaaa~ she's pretty,, so it's fine,, hehe (^.^)//

it's currently airing in korea ryt now~
so i need to wait for a whole week,, to be able to watch it..(T_T)
and for it to be subbed!!,,
i'm too poor in learniing the korean language...
all the characters and diction make my head spin..(@.@)v

well.. that's it for now.. v(^o^)v