Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Corby! Oh my Corby!!!!

omg! omg! OMG!!!!
now,, i really wanted to have a new phone...

well not because i need it.. but beacause i WANT it!!!
before i blogged about my current addiction, ayt?? hehe...
i've seen the phones they've been using~

and since it's from korea.. it should be samsung,,

and when i saw it,,, 私はそれが好き!!haha!!

earlier me and my friend went to gateway mall..

not for shopping of course.. but because it's our way home~
then i saw this cp stall.. i went to take a look..

and then i was like...

that phone was definitely the one i saw @ YAB?!!!!!!,,

i saw the one in green!!,, so happy!!!

just like the one TK used~ hehe,, (^.~)v

then i looked @ the price..

me and my friend looked at each other..
stunned that it isn't that expensive,,


then we've thought of buying one..haha!

the hardest part would be.. asking ma to buy one for me!!!!(T_T)
and fortunately, she said YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!,, \\(^.^)//

whahehehehe,, this is such a happy day,,=)