Sunday, November 15, 2009


this day...
someone actually told me that.. i'm a poser~
that's the most rediculous thing to say luh...
well my friends always tell me to stop being vain that i ended up being a camwhore...w0ooot!

but what can i do??,,
i like to snap snap snap at moments~ i should have taken photography?? aig0oooo...watcha think??,,

at first~ being told that i'm one.. made me laugh~
but when a lot of people are saying that to me ady.. it's really getting on my nerves~
i like to tell them that..
"hey, i'm not so insecure to be one!"
i mean.. frankly speaking.. I HATE POSERS!!!,,
they ruin ur identity.. they keep on pretending that they are u~
what for??,,
to be complimented?? to be praised??

goodness!! that's so low~

if they only knew how it feels to be harassed~

just beacuse ur not plain-looking,,

they wouldn't want to pretend anymore..(~.~)