Sunday, November 22, 2009

Batangas Trip

Nov 22nd..

we went to Malvar, Batangas..
to have a Medical-Optical-Dental service..

we were invited by the nursing department to conduct a free dental service..

tooth extraction to be exact...

the experience is not that quite amusing though..*sigh*

it's as if we were always taken for granted,, aisshhhh..

we prepared our stuff,,[exo set..enamel trays.]

they were the ones who is supposed to provide us with the following:

anesthetic solt'n


face masks




waste basket

and so on...

we politely returned the needles provided because those were disposable needles..

they ain't used in dent..
coz basically it won't fit in the dental syringe...

but the way some person replied was quite unethical..

"eh yan ung gamit namin eh.. yan ung meron kami"
and we were like.. wth?!..

so in the end we were the ones who compensated for it~

we used their big needles..
[can't imagine if that was infiltrated on my mouth.. i would have jerked already.. coz it'll gonna be painful]
*it's a relief that the patients don't know anything about*

it's almost lunch break..

we were excited to eat..

coz it's way past lunch ady~

we were given viands and of course.. rice and drinks..

but we ended up not eating @ all...

we were thankful that one of our friend lives there..

she asked her mom to buy some "decent meal" for us..

@ the end we can't move bcoz of full stomachs,, hehe~

but i think the other colleges is kinda pissed at us..

thinking that we are so

the optometry students were looking at us..=.='
it's always been like that... dentistry being so maarte...
can't imagine,,when will that conotation be changed?!...(~.~)