Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oh please!

after some time of not blogging,,
well... too lazy... gomen,, (=.=)'
i think now i have something that i can blog about~
something that made me so surprised..
that until now..
i'm actually quite speechless...(>.<)''

today i was about to watch new moon since i don't have anything to do..
after so many attempts of finding it in the internet..
and i didn't even see a single site for free...
i gave up already~

my second choice would be reading the novel instead..
but since it's purely on bella,, i put it off ady..

and then..
boredom starts killin' me... aig0ooooo~
so i thought of updating.. if not all at least most of my accounts,,
i was quite successful though..
then it's time to finally open my friendster accnt,,
which.. mind u!,, i rarely open~
i was about to upload a new profile pic for it,,
but because it's new.. i had difficulty in uploading one~
after a lot of attempts.. i finally had the chance to change my pic...

i tried browsing my friends list...
i gave more time to check up on my high school friends... =)
but there was one thing that made so surprised...
that one friend of mine.. that used to be my buddy on beauty stuff changed so much..

i mean physically.. she bacame sexier..
but her attitude bacame too much vulgar and daring for me,,
i mean we used to wear bathing suit everytime we go swimming..
we really choose our clothes if there's an upcoming occasion..
but there's more to her now that made me feel strange...
it's as if i don't know her anymore..
letting out a little skin is fun~
but having to show so much.. there's a possibility for people to not respect u anymore..
and that's what i was being worried about...
she should at least think before she acts that way..

i really do hope she'll be back to her usual self... (Y.Y)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Batangas Trip

Nov 22nd..

we went to Malvar, Batangas..
to have a Medical-Optical-Dental service..

we were invited by the nursing department to conduct a free dental service..

tooth extraction to be exact...

the experience is not that quite amusing though..*sigh*

it's as if we were always taken for granted,, aisshhhh..

we prepared our stuff,,[exo set..enamel trays.]

they were the ones who is supposed to provide us with the following:

anesthetic solt'n


face masks




waste basket

and so on...

we politely returned the needles provided because those were disposable needles..

they ain't used in dent..
coz basically it won't fit in the dental syringe...

but the way some person replied was quite unethical..

"eh yan ung gamit namin eh.. yan ung meron kami"
and we were like.. wth?!..

so in the end we were the ones who compensated for it~

we used their big needles..
[can't imagine if that was infiltrated on my mouth.. i would have jerked already.. coz it'll gonna be painful]
*it's a relief that the patients don't know anything about*

it's almost lunch break..

we were excited to eat..

coz it's way past lunch ady~

we were given viands and of course.. rice and drinks..

but we ended up not eating @ all...

we were thankful that one of our friend lives there..

she asked her mom to buy some "decent meal" for us..

@ the end we can't move bcoz of full stomachs,, hehe~

but i think the other colleges is kinda pissed at us..

thinking that we are so

the optometry students were looking at us..=.='
it's always been like that... dentistry being so maarte...
can't imagine,,when will that conotation be changed?!...(~.~)

You're Mine~ At Last!!!

hehe,, well i have my Corby! haha~!~,,
but quite disappointed though~*sigh*

i didn't get the color i wanted,,=(

apparently it's not available in phils...

but i hope SOON.. it will~ (T_T)

the way we got hold of Corby.. is quite funny though~

here's the timeline:

Nov 18th.. [we saw Corby @ gateway mall]

Nov 19th.. [i bought Corby ady,,,hehe]

Nov 20th.. [my friend bought hers]

Nov 21st.. [my friend made me go to school to meet her Corby]

Nov 22nd..[i bought my memory card]

Nov 23rd.. [we are planning on buying a case and kitchain for it]
well well well... aren't we that excited?! lol~

uhmmm,, i got the one in yellow~

it's quite fine for me..

coz the one who used it on the korean series i'm watching is...
lee hongki!!!!!!!!![a.k.a Jeremy],, crusheeeeee~!~,,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Corby! Oh my Corby!!!!

omg! omg! OMG!!!!
now,, i really wanted to have a new phone...

well not because i need it.. but beacause i WANT it!!!
before i blogged about my current addiction, ayt?? hehe...
i've seen the phones they've been using~

and since it's from korea.. it should be samsung,,

and when i saw it,,, 私はそれが好き!!haha!!

earlier me and my friend went to gateway mall..

not for shopping of course.. but because it's our way home~
then i saw this cp stall.. i went to take a look..

and then i was like...

that phone was definitely the one i saw @ YAB?!!!!!!,,

i saw the one in green!!,, so happy!!!

just like the one TK used~ hehe,, (^.~)v

then i looked @ the price..

me and my friend looked at each other..
stunned that it isn't that expensive,,


then we've thought of buying one..haha!

the hardest part would be.. asking ma to buy one for me!!!!(T_T)
and fortunately, she said YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!,, \\(^.^)//

whahehehehe,, this is such a happy day,,=)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


this day...
someone actually told me that.. i'm a poser~
that's the most rediculous thing to say luh...
well my friends always tell me to stop being vain that i ended up being a camwhore...w0ooot!

but what can i do??,,
i like to snap snap snap at moments~ i should have taken photography?? aig0oooo...watcha think??,,

at first~ being told that i'm one.. made me laugh~
but when a lot of people are saying that to me ady.. it's really getting on my nerves~
i like to tell them that..
"hey, i'm not so insecure to be one!"
i mean.. frankly speaking.. I HATE POSERS!!!,,
they ruin ur identity.. they keep on pretending that they are u~
what for??,,
to be complimented?? to be praised??

goodness!! that's so low~

if they only knew how it feels to be harassed~

just beacuse ur not plain-looking,,

they wouldn't want to pretend anymore..(~.~)

Current Addiction

yay yay!!,,
after months of being inactive..
well i've finally had tym to update my blog~

i actually have some inspiration,,lol~
well,, it's definitely not person.. but who cares!!!!..=)
i'm currently addicted to this korean series,,
the actors made my heart melt.. big time!!!
my all tym crush lee hongki and kang geun suk..both on the same drama!!,,
what i can ask for??,, i'm actually drooling ryt now..w0ooot~!~,,

the leading lady must have been super lucky to be chosen to play that role...
whAaaaaaa~ she's pretty,, so it's fine,, hehe (^.^)//

it's currently airing in korea ryt now~
so i need to wait for a whole week,, to be able to watch it..(T_T)
and for it to be subbed!!,,
i'm too poor in learniing the korean language...
all the characters and diction make my head spin..(@.@)v

well.. that's it for now.. v(^o^)v