Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oh please!

after some time of not blogging,,
well... too lazy... gomen,, (=.=)'
i think now i have something that i can blog about~
something that made me so surprised..
that until now..
i'm actually quite speechless...(>.<)''

today i was about to watch new moon since i don't have anything to do..
after so many attempts of finding it in the internet..
and i didn't even see a single site for free...
i gave up already~

my second choice would be reading the novel instead..
but since it's purely on bella,, i put it off ady..

and then..
boredom starts killin' me... aig0ooooo~
so i thought of updating.. if not all at least most of my accounts,,
i was quite successful though..
then it's time to finally open my friendster accnt,,
which.. mind u!,, i rarely open~
i was about to upload a new profile pic for it,,
but because it's new.. i had difficulty in uploading one~
after a lot of attempts.. i finally had the chance to change my pic...

i tried browsing my friends list...
i gave more time to check up on my high school friends... =)
but there was one thing that made so surprised...
that one friend of mine.. that used to be my buddy on beauty stuff changed so much..

i mean physically.. she bacame sexier..
but her attitude bacame too much vulgar and daring for me,,
i mean we used to wear bathing suit everytime we go swimming..
we really choose our clothes if there's an upcoming occasion..
but there's more to her now that made me feel strange...
it's as if i don't know her anymore..
letting out a little skin is fun~
but having to show so much.. there's a possibility for people to not respect u anymore..
and that's what i was being worried about...
she should at least think before she acts that way..

i really do hope she'll be back to her usual self... (Y.Y)